Term of use

This agreement is effective from 7th Jan 2020.

Fees & payment

Fee Payment

You shall pay, within 30 days of receipt of invoice from En-trak, all fees or charges accruing to your account in accordance with the fees, charges and billing terms in effect at the time a fee or charge is due and payable. You may only use the Service and Licensed Software if you have paid all license fees due to En-trak (Fees). All payments must be made in respectively local currency or any pre-agreed currency. The Fees exclude all applicable sales, use and other taxes and you are responsible for payment of all such taxes (other than taxes based on En-trak’s income), fees, duties and charges, and any related penalties and interest, arising from the payment of the Fees.

Fee Revision

En-trak reserves the right to revise its fees and charges and to introduce new charges upon renewal of the Agreement. Fees for other services will be charged on per quoted basis. All pricing terms are confidential, and you agree not to disclose them to any third party.

Unpaid Fees

Any portion of the fees that is not paid when due will accrue interest at 15% per annum, or at the maximum rate permitted by applicable law, whichever is less, from the due date until paid. If your payment is overdue for 30 days or more, your service and this agreement may be terminated at En-trak’s discretion.

Independent Contractor Status

This Agreement shall not be construed to create a relationship between the parties of agent, servant, employee, partnership, joint venture or association. En-trak shall perform the services hereunder as an independent contractor, retaining complete control over its personnel and operation. Neither En-trak nor its employees shall be, in any manner considered or act as your employees or agents. You shall be responsible for paying all required local taxes, including applicable sales and use taxes.