Educating our next generation
on energy saving

Engaging students to learn about energy efficiency is a challenge. Turn your school into a living laboratory for interactive learning about energy saving with our award-winning school energy management solution.

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We are very excited to provide En-trak Energy for all of our schools and students. It is a wonderful tool for building our student-based approach to sustainability and managing energy costs across ESF facilities.

Ms. Heather Du Quesnay, Chief Executive Officer,
English Schools Foundation
En-trak Energy for School real-time interaction
Enjoy real-time interaction and visibility

Help students see their energy impact instantly with real-time animated graphs. Now, they can understand the consequences of their behavior, turning it into a journey of self-discovery.

En-trak Energy for School teaching goals
Meet teaching goals in multiple subjects

With bundles of live data from your school ready to be explored, core skills in math, science, and data handling can be taught through a practical lens to ignite students’ passion and engagement.

En-trak Energy for School community awareness
Bring awareness to your community

Engage your community when you showcase your school’s outstanding sustainability efforts to visitors, teachers, and parents with our beautifully designed public display module.


En-trak Energy for School Real-time interactive graphs

Real-time interactive graphs

Students and teachers can witness the impact of their actions on their school’s energy usage through real-time data and graphs.

En-trak Energy for School Everyday units

Everyday units

Creative translation of electricity into everyday units helps students visualize and understand their energy consumption.

If your school were a person, how many hamburgers would it need to consume to power the air-conditioners for a day?

The answer is… Around 3,000 hamburgers!

En-trak Energy for School Customizable reports

Customizable reports

A comprehensive report generated at regular intervals helps you benchmark your energy performance and pinpoint areas for improvement.

En-trak Energy for School Performance tracking

Performance tracking

Track your energy saving goals and receive alerts in case of abnormal energy levels for immediate action.

En-trak Energy for School Public display module

Public display module

En-trak Energy for School provides an effective platform to showcase your school’s sustainability effort to parents and visitors.

Serving hundreds of schools & universities in Asia-Pacific


Since 2013, En-trak Energy for School has been deployed in over 100 K-12s and universities to drive campus sustainability with our real-time energy management solution.



En-trak has helped us cut down our overnight energy consumption by more than 50%. We have also collected complete and accurate data to develop a strategic sustainability plan for our school.

Mr. Yau Chi Leung, Vice-Principal,
Yuen Long Merchants Association Secondary School

We believe that with the right strategies and education, sustainable behavior can become a habit for our youth.

Learn how to drive school-wide energy program with our latest e-book.


En-trak Energy is an effective platform to easily visualize and understand our energy consumption patterns. Students and staff can now actively participate in our energy reduction program and boost energy efficiency in our school.

Ms. Agnes Tang, Principal,
TWGHs S.C. Gaw Memorial College

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