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En-trak™ Tenant Experience is a customer-facing app developed for CRE landlords. With this app, occupants can control & personalize their workplace temperature & lighting using their smartphone.

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A fundamental shift is happening in the commercial real estate space

Building owners want to attract and retain quality tenants.

But occupants are often disconnected from the buildings they work in.

Today’s customers are more informed, more vocal. If they are not satisfied, they will look elsewhere and leave.

Office too hot or too cold?
This is the #1 complaint by building occupants

This happens because HVAC system are often pre-set according to office layout or usage and people are disconnected from it without any effective, convenient means to control their environment.

This results in offices being either too hot or too cold. This discomfort affects employees’ productivity and increases frustration.

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Pain points for landlords & property managers
Pain Point-1.png
Unhappy and frustrated tenants

Pain Point-2.png
Increased operation cost attending to temperature related complaints

Pain Point-3.png
Increased chiller energy cost (~40% of overall electricity bill)

Pain Point-4.png
Lost rental income (& related costs) when landlord lose a good tenant

Building owners & managers need a secure, easily deployable solution
that has a positive impact on occupant comfort (and their bottom line!)

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En-trak™ Tenant Experience Platform (TEP)

A customer-facing app developed for CRE landlords.

With this app, occupants can control & personalize their workplace temperature & lighting using their smartphone.

With TEP, landlords can now:

• Improve tenants’ comfort and satisfaction

• Attract and retain quality tenants

• Improve operational efficiency, and

• Enhance their buildings’ value by being smarter and more efficient

How does it work?
TEP connects to existing Building Management System (BMS)
TEP-how it works-1.png

TEP provides occupants with an app to connect to the HVAC system that controls airflow. Work for most commercial buildings.

Occupants use the app to make requests to warm/ cool their space
TEP-how it works-2.png

When activated by user, TEP sends a 10-minute stream of warm or cool air to the requested zone.

Machine learning optimizes workplace temperature based on users’ preferences
TEP-how it works-3.png

System will learn users’ preference and weather condition to auto- tune temperature setting.

TEP is about making people comfortable by
giving them more control over their physical environment.
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Quick and intuitive temperature control

Too cold or hot? Never again

Let occupants control their designated air-cons without  leaving their seats. No more calls to the management office.

Our machine learning algorithm will learn your preferred  temperatures to ensure you’re always kept comfortable.

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Easy and personalized lighting control

No more getting left in the dark

Let occupants easily control their designated lighting with a simple tap of a screen.

Manage schedules, zoning and occupant assignments easily through a single dashboard


Work requests
for better time management

Fix things in real time

Request repair work for any faulty areas in the building using our app and know immediately when it gets done.

This simple and convenient process increases visibility and promotes faster resolution of maintenance issues in the workplace.

Feature 4.png

Air-con Extension Request

No more paperwork or long turn-around times!

If air-con is needed beyond scheduled hours, simply place a request to the building management office with the app. Quick and simple!

Approve requests from occupants, then send them on to the building manager so they can easily plan operating hours for central equipment and arrange for necessary billing.


3rd-party integrations

Make your office even smarter

Enhance the occupant/ tenant experience by integrating En-trak Tenant Experience Platform with your access control and/or room booking system.

Tap into the office and the air-con and lighting at your workstation will adjust to your preferred settings right away, or book a meeting room and everything will be prepared before you even arrive.

Feature 6.png

Trends and insights

Get more clarity with intuitive data

Utilise clear data on occupant activity and preferences to continually improve your company’s daily operations and energy saving efforts.

With the right information at your disposal, you can maintain the optimal balance between comfort and efficiency.

Feature 7.png

Energy and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) management reports

Organise and keep track of what’s important

Create clear summary reports to show the results of your efforts, whether it’s in energy savings or better air quality.

Comprehensive and easy-to-understand reports provide you with actionable intelligence to improve your company’s overall productivity.


With En-trak Tenant Experience, we can optimise lighting use in individual areas. As a result, we achieved more than 20% of overall energy saving.

Mr. Jomo Elg
General Manager, Asia-Pacific,
Make Up For Ever (Hong Kong)

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It is absolutely amazing to see that we can control and personalize our office lighting using one simple app. We saved over 29% on our lighting energy cost.

Admin Officer, Facility Management,
Maritime Port Authority (Singapore)