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Smart lighting

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Single-tenanted building

It’s the best option in the market. En-trak's solution is powerful, forward-looking, and meets all our energy optimizing and management requirements.


Group Human Resource Director,
Shun Hing Group


Shun Hing Group has always been an advocate for practices that can help conserve the environment. As a multi-industry conglomerate, Shun Hing Group is acutely focused on efficient logistics and minimizing company-wide facility expenses.


In their old office, lights were frequently turned on from the moment the cleaners showed up at 6am until the last person left at night, leaving huge unoccupied areas lit up for long periods of time. When Shun Hing built a new headquarters building, they wanted to do things in a smarter way.


Shun Hing deployed En-trak Smart Office in their new headquarters building. Each light fixture was independently controllable, enabling flexible assignment of zones and schedules in a dynamic and shifting office setting.


From day one of move-in, the lights responded to actual occupant activity, from cleaners to night owls. In a large office building, lighting was automated smoothly without need for daily management by administrative staff. Total energy savings exceeded 15%. Engineers who used the system in their own office eventually found themselves deploying IoT projects for their own customers!


Founded in 1953, Shun Hing is a multi-faceted Hong Kong-based company with over 1,800 employees. Shun Hing Group comprises many subsidiaries across a broad spectrum of businesses. In addition to serving as sole agent for brands of international heritage in home appliances, audio-visual, health and beauty care, kitchen and household products, telecommunications systems, business equipment, office furniture and cold chain products, Shun Hing Group is also involved in engineering, contracting and electrical appliances servicing, logistics, advertising production, system installation and maintenance, as well as property investments and management in China.