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Real-time energy management

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Tenanted office

With real-time energy data, our team can effectively manage our energy consumption and priorities our CAPEX investments in operating our portfolio of offices and buildings, all from one central location.

Ms. Kendrick Lam

Assistant Vice President,
Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Management
Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Limited


As the frontline regulator of listed companies in Hong Kong and third largest stock exchange in Asia, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) experienced challenges in energy data collection, centralization, and sought to enhance their energy efficiency and productivity.


The Administrative Manager of HKEX found that their energy reporting was inefficient due to multi-site manual data collection.

While they had a Building Management System (BMS) for some areas, many system restrictions, incomprehensible technical graphs and low data granularity prevented management from effectively targeting energy efficiency enhancements.


After learning about En-trak Energy, the market-leading cloud-based energy management system that empowers efficient energy management through intuitive visualization and streamlined workflow, HKEX decided to deploy the system.


En-trak Energy captures and centralizes all energy data across HKEX business portfolios on a single platform in real-time. With the intuitive and automated energy reports, HKEX has significantly improved their operational efficiency. Their management can also understand their progress instantly.

Real time reports alongside with energy data down to each individual user, En-trak provides valuable actionable insights to the sustainability team, to pinpoint areas of energy wastage and ensure internal conformation to environmental policies, which are in line with ESG reporting requirements.


HKEX Group is a leading operator of exchanges and clearing houses based in Hong Kong, Asia's premier international financial centre, and a key player globally as one of the world’s largest exchange groups by market capitalization. HKEX Group operates the securities and derivatives markets and is the frontline regulator of listed companies in Hong Kong. The Group also owns the London Metal Exchange (LME) in the UK, the world's premier base metals market.