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Tenant Experience Platform


Smart lighting, HVAC on-demand

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Property developer


This leading developer is a leader in both retail and commercial office developments in Hong Kong, but faces increased competition from new office developments in secondary and tertiary CBDs. Passionate and experienced new management have built the company into an innovative trend-setter in its industry, from its retail core to its large office portfolio.


Improving tenant comfort and satisfaction is one of the key challenges for any premier landlords. The client has been considering various alternatives to try to balance between energy efficiencies and tenants’ comfort. The problems with the existing central air-con system is that it is not designed to be responsive to the occupants’ thermal requirement. The other issue was that the facility teams have to deal with the numerous temperature-related callouts which are not productive.


After considering various solutions in the market, the developer decided to deploy En-trak Tenant Experience Platform (TEP). This comprehensive software platform and mobile app is designed to make the building respond directly to occupants’ needs. TEP connects each light fixture and air conditioning unit in the office to a central cloud platform. With that, every occupant can now control their own light and air conditioning and choose to cool or warm the area depending on their own preference. The solution also learns user preferences and automatically adjusts the temperature to meet their needs


When an employee enters the office, the lights and air conditioning above their desk will be turned on automatically, adjusted to their preferred settings. Comfort is significantly enhanced, particularly for occupants who had previously been wearing jackets to protect themselves against overly cold air conditioning. This is projected to reduce over 30% of energy cost for lighting and 15% for air conditioning.


This HK developer is a leading property investment, management and development company in Hong Kong, with a portfolio of more than 4 million square feet of high-quality office, retail and residential properties. The company is focused on both delighting its customers and providing investors with outstanding returns.