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Smart Office


Smart lighting, HVAC on-demand

Customer Type

Tenanted office

En-trak Office is really easy to use. This simple solution helps us optimise our lighting energy consumption in the office.


Officer Administration, Hong Kong Broadband Network


HKBN is one of Hong Kong’s largest internet, communication and telecommunication companies. As an environmentally responsible business, they are constantly exploring better, more efficient ways to minimise energy consumption. HKBN has earned many recognitions from prominent local and international organisations for their steadfast pursuit of environmental protection.


They have a dedicated energy consultant to assist them to constantly explore new energy saving opportunities. It was through this initiative that they realize that their current zonal-based lighting control is not optimized. Large areas of the office lights are constantly being left on when no one is using and/or when only a few persons are working overtime.


HKBN installed En-trak Smart Office solution in their Hong Kong office. Controllers were installed at the fan coils and lighting fixtures. Users can now control their workstation lighting and air-con operation.


With En-trak Smart Office, HKBN saved over 30% of the energy cost. Air-con in any particular zone is automatically turned off when all the lights in the zone are turned off.


Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) is a Hong Kong-based telecommunication company established since 1999. They are one of the largest residential broadband and telecommunications players in Hong Kong with over 2,900 employees.