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Tenanted office


As a major industrial manufacturer and flow service provider, the company wanted to effectively control their facility energy spending. One of their largest, single expenses was in energy consumption. They set a goal to reduce their energy usage by 5% per year; however, they faced serious challenges in hitting their energy reduction goals.


With multiple facilities across Singapore, timely and accurate energy data collection was a huge challenge for the company. One major pain point was the lack of visibility into their factory energy performance. The company only receives one monthly electricity bill for each facility, making it impossible to accurately verify the ROI of energy efficiency projects. Previously they had approved a LED light retrofit project based on savings approximations, but after the retrofit they could not produce quantitative proof of achieved savings for their US headquarters. They also want to further nurture a culture that engages employees and showcases sustainability initiatives.


En-trak Energy was set up to measure the energy consumption in one of their factories, broken down by buildings, floors and usage types such as lights, sockets, air conditioning and server rooms, helping to streamline data consolidation and improve productivity. Having a clear insight into both energy tracking across the buildings, with their internal understanding of the professional and safety requirements for each room, gave the company an actionable overview to approach their energy management. With En-trak automated monthly reports, the team is now able to share energy progress with other colleagues easily, raising their awareness and commitment to energy optimization. Real-time energy alerts on their mobile apps enable facility managers to know instantly when any areas experience abnormal energy usage and act on it immediately, allowing the company to go beyond their goal of 5% energy savings.


With elevated energy visibility in key areas, the company identified and effectively eliminated 81% of their clean-room energy use within the first two months of deployment. By the end of the first year, the overall facility energy consumption was reduced by 18%. Along with being able to positively measure the outcome of the LED light retrofit, the company can move forward confidently with future sustainability initiatives with a peace of mind with the data provided.