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This global construction company is responsible for constructing the Hong Kong section of the Express Rail Link connecting to Mainland China. This project involves hundreds of contractors and thousands of workers on site, where electricity expenditure is a major project cost component. With core values of sustainability, the company constantly challenges themselves to innovate new ways to reduce energy wastage at their work sites.


To manage their project site’s energy consumption, the sustainability team relied on consolidating numerous paper utility bills to work out the site’s total energy consumption. But this provided no insight as to specific causes contributing to total energy use. With numerous operators and contractors on-site, it was a challenge for the site manager to convey the sustainability message to everyone.


En-trak Energy was deployed in key areas of the site including container villages and rebar factories to help monitor the air-conditioning, equipment and lightings energy usage.


Soon the environmental team was able to easily identify major areas of energy waste and target room for improvement. Weekly energy reports allow them to effectively promote energy efficiency to their on-site workers and contractors, and significantly improved productivity. The team is now on their way to achieving ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 environmental certifications.