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Energy for Schools


Real-time energy management

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K-12 schools

We’re very excited to provide En-trak Energy for all of our schools and students. It’s a wonderful tool for building our student-based approach to sustainability and managing energy costs across ESF facilities.


Chief Executive Officer English Schools Foundation


English Schools Foundation (ESF) is the largest international educational foundation in Asia running 22 educational institutions. ESF has a high annual electricity cost of over HK $20 million. With energy costs rising, ESF felt an urgency to control and manage their energy spending – a course which also aligns with their vision for a sustainable environment.


Despite urgency in the undertaking, ESF was experiencing a hard time finding out where to start reducing their energy use. Given their multiple facilities scattered in different locations, collecting electricity bill data manually is already a challenge. To gain better visibility into their energy consumption profile, a lot of data processing work had to be done on spreadsheets to eliminate the difference in tariff plans and cut-off times, making it tedious and unproductive. Conclusions made from their energy analysis were unreliable due to potential lack of complete data and human errors.


After reviewing potential energy management solutions, ESF decided to deploy En-trak Energy across all its facilities to automatically record and centralize accurate energy data on a single platform. With En-trak’s user-friendly software capabilities, ESF’s productivity was significantly improved. Their facility team was able to effectively manage their consumption and ensure all energy policies were adhered to with the help of real-time energy data. Moreover, En-trak Energy also serves as a perfect tool for student engagement given its intuitive and interactive visualizations.


After less than 10 months of implementation, ESF reaped over HKD$ 1.1 million in cost savings and reduced carbon emissions by over 600 tons. The integration of En-trak Energy across all facilities onto a single platform made the comparison of energy consumption data a breeze. Furthermore, the system has been utilized in ESF schools by teachers and students to support various energy conservation initiatives and drive bottom-up community changes for sustainability.


Founded in 1967, English Schools Foundation is the largest international educational foundation in Asia. The English Schools Foundation runs 22 educational institutions. Their 22 schools and comprehensive program of extracurricular activities bring out the best in every student through a personalized approach to learning and by inspiring curious minds. ESF has over 17,000 students from more than 50 different nationalities.