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Smart lighting, HVAC on-demand

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In order to attract and recruit talents, Chow Tai Fook Group wanted to change office design to adapt to the new flexible work style. Through the combination of work areas and shared desks, their primary goal is to ensure that the new workplace can meet employees' thermal comfort, drive productivity, and promote sustainable development.


One of the primary challenges for top-tier public enterprise is to enhance tenant comfort and satisfaction within their office. The client has been exploring different approaches to strike a balance between energy efficiency and meeting tenants' comfort needs. The existing central air conditioning system poses problems as it lacks the ability to effectively respond to the occupants' thermal requirements. In addition, they wanted to adopt more smarter & effcient approach to lighting.


Chow Tai Fook deployed En-trak's Lighting & HVAC On-demand. One of the key features of this solution is the seamless integration with Chow Tai Fook's meeting room and desk reservation system. This allows employees to use Tenant Experience Platform (TEP) to pre-cool meeting rooms before the meeting while optimizing energy consumption.


En-trak's solution helped Chow Tai Fook Group achieve their sustainable development goals till 2029, which includes improving resource efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. Employees can enjoy working in a more comfortable, efficient, and sustainable office, improving employee thermal comfort while significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.


Chow Tai Fook Group is a well-known publicly listed enterprise in Hong Kong. The company was established in 1929 and has business operations spanning jewelry, real estate development, hotels, shopping centers, transportation, energy, telecommunications, ports, casinos, and other sectors. Chow Tai Fook boasts over 4,000 stores in China and employs more than 28,000 individuals.