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In line with the sustainability strategy of their US headquarter, this sourcing company for one of the largest retailers in the US has been an active participant in the environmental campaigns. The green ambassador team is constantly seeking ways to reduce their energy consumption and promote greater staff environmental awareness through policies and engagement.


The company was determined to reduce their annual energy usage by at least 5%. The first challenge was the huge costs of electricity bills for each office floor were not enough to tell exactly where and when energy was used. Lacking quality energy data to show them exactly which areas and measures would yield the best result made the sustainability initiative hard to kick start. The second challenge is engaging their staff in energy awareness. There were frequent incidents where lights were left on overnight. With these issues in hand, the green ambassador team had trouble identifying where to best allocate time and resources to effectuate a sustainability initiative that would stick.


En-trak Energy was deployed at their 7-floor office in early 2015, which helped the company to capture and consolidate accurate data into different end-use types in real-time. With elevated data visibility, the company could easily identify exact areas and times where energy waste occurred and use that information to drive energy efficiency actions. An effective feedback loop enabled by En-trak Alerts was also formed to help the green ambassador team keep track of their energy performance. Clear and transparent end use data allowed increased staff participation for optional initiatives. Getting staff engaged with timely information to promote positive behaviour changes across the organisation.


Automated reports from En-trak Energy have helped the admin manager to streamline their workflow and gained top management support through showcasing their success in energy saving. In the first two months, En-trak Energy revealed significant overnight / off-hours energy wastage accounting for 9% of the company’s total energy consumption. Empowered by En-trak real-time alerts, respective floor ambassadors were notified about wastage as soon as it occurred. They then corrected the behaviour by communicating energy conservation concerns with staff. By the end of the fourth month, the company reduced overnight energy usage by 23%. By the end of the year, the company achieved 14% annual energy savings - equivalent to 131,000 kWh.