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Corporate sustainability executives have long complained about the seeming inability to reduce cooling in commercial office buildings. A complex mix of incentives, control and information has made it difficult to take even common sense steps in the right direction.


Landlords often control all air conditioning settings, but they have limited knowledge of what is happening inside tenanted areas. This makes it difficult for them to reduce cooling without risking tenant complaints. Tenants, for their part, typically have neither incentive to save nor control over their own office settings.


Alibaba collaborated with landlord, Wharf Properties on En-trak SMART A/C Control system, TEP for their office at Times Square. The objectives were clear: improve occupant thermal comfort, reduce the administrative burden from handling temperature complaints, and cut energy use by reducing total cooling.


Tenant Experience Platform (TEP), allows Alibaba staff to request cooler or warmer temperatures and then optimizes settings based on that feedback. TEP has already cut temperature-related complaints to building management by 100%, and is projected to reduce air conditioning energy use in select areas by 4-8%. Occupant feedback was extremely positive.


Alibaba Group Holding Limited is a multinational technology eco-system specializing in e-commerce, retail, Internet, and technology. It was estavblished in 1999 and is one of the biggest e-commerce company. It is a reflection of SMART business of tomorrow.