Smart Connected Office  

HVAC On-demand / Wireless Lighting Control / Integration

Features Demo: How En-trak Smart Office works

Many office buildings continue to be affected by the global pandemic as we head into 2021. But before you prepare for a return to normal, consider taking a moment to consider what COVID-19 has taught us about what tenants truly value about the offices and buildings they work in.

Among the many realizations that we’ve had is that the productivity of office occupants is strongly correlated with how comfortable, safe and healthy they feel in the workplace. This is where Smart Office comes into play.

Watch our demo video to learn how this technology can address the pain points of different building stakeholders:

About En-trak

En-trak Hong Kong Limited is an award-winning proptech company backed by Alibaba and CLP. Founded in 2013, our solutions are used and trusted by hundreds of world-class clients in Asia including Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Keppel Land, Sino Group, English Schools Foundation, Hong Kong Convention Centre and more.

Our mission is to make buildings more comfortable, sustainable and efficient. Our flagship solution En-trak™ Tenant Experience Platform (TEP) helps building owners enhance the value of their assets and improve NOI by enabling building occupants to control and personalize their workplace A/C and lightings, thus eliminating energy wastage and elevating tenants’ comfort and satisfaction.

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