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School Energy Management: Christine Loh Visits

On May 16th, Dr. Christine Loh Kung-wai, OBE, JP, Under Secretary for the Environment, HKSAR, visited Pui Shing Catholic Secondary School together with the En-trak team. We were very honored to give Dr. Loh a first-hand view of En-trak’s impact on energy efficiency in the school.

The school has been using our energy management system to control and track their energy consumption while engaging the students around environment issues.

Pui Shing Catholic Secondary School is among the green pioneer schools in Hong Kong.

Dr. Loh was curious to see and understand how local schools are carrying out green initiatives. One of the highlights was how En-trak Energy is helping Pui Shing to achieve better energy savings.

“Now the students and even adults have insights with the data on how to reduce energy consumption”, says Under Secretary Loh.

Dr. Loh had the opportunity to discuss different environmental issues in Hong Kong with the students during a forum session.

Christine Loh giving speech to students during her visit at Pui Shing Secondary School

“I hope other schools can also have similar tools, as reducing energy will become extremely important in the future.”

—Dr. Christine Loh Kung-wai, OBE, JP, Under Secretary for the Environment, HKSAR

What Pui Shing Secondary School Achieved Using En-trak

Since the school has installed En-trak, Principal John Siu and his team are now able to achieve the following:

  1. A clear understanding of the daily energy usageThey turn on the energy dashboard every day during lunch time and after school. Doing this gives the students, the staff, and the parents a clear picture of what’s happening with energy at the school.
  2. A strong engagement between the teachers and the studentsUsing real-time data from En-trak helped the teachers prepare lessons about environment and energy. They also engage the students in changing their habits by using the energy data to show what the impact is when they turn on and off the appliances in the classroom.
  3. Inter-classroom competition around energyPui Shing school encourages classes to save energy pro-actively. They have the data to compare by classroom to nurture good practice among the students.
  4. Better management meeting to report the school’s energy situationYou can’t manage what you can’t measure. With En-trak, the school knows exactly what decisions to make in order to save energy. For example, it’s easier now to spot which floor is the most energy efficient, or which A/C consumes the most.

Using En-trak was the best way to know which A/C units to replace during summer time and cut down on the electricity bills in the long run. This led to a 16% drop of energy usage in a specific zone within the school.


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“With En-trak, we can use data to educate and show students their actual impact towards energy savings in the school” according to Principal John Siu. “Also the system allows us to know where and when the school’s energy usage is abnormal.” “We are then able to track and solve the problem immediately avoiding further energy wastage.” concludes Principal Siu. We would like to thank Dr. Christine Loh and her colleagues, as well as Principal John Siu and his team for organizing the successful visit and promoting energy management in schools.