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En-trak Smart Lighting System: The New Features

One of the values we live by at En-trak is making sure we provide the best service to our users. It means we don’t just develop new features out of the blue. We constantly collect feedback so we can iterate and improve our products with your valuable input.

Like the old Chinese proverb says. “it is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward”.

How do we know we’re going in the right direction?

We conduct several reviews with our users, listen to their feedback and then prioritise according to their input.

That’s why after launching En-trak Smart Lighting less than a year ago, we kept improving the user experience, starting with the features listed below.

1. More control over your lights

People might need to come to the office very early, or they might need to stay longer than scheduled. That’s the office life. Before, we limited the lighting extension outside of the schedule to 2 hours.

Now you can extend your lights up to 4 hours. We also improved the user experience so it’s easier for you to select how long you need the lights.



2. Flexible schedules

With the new update, you have additional flexibility to create even smarter schedules, with different rules for each day or shift that match your team’s needs.

Imagine a cleaner need to come on Tuesday morning from 7 to 8 am (see screenshot below). Now you can schedule the lights to turn on at the right time.

More flexibility means more savings!

3. New group workstations

Offices are usually smaller than we wish. Which means it’s a common scenario to see two or three people sharing the same workstation with one lighting fixture above their head.

Now you can assign more than one person to a single workstation. This is particularly useful for shared desks.

4. Step-by-step feedback

You will now be directed to a simple step-by-step guide whenever you encounter an issue with your lights. This lets normal users resolve issues quickly without help from their system admin!

Code-compliant and cost-efficient

On average, 50% of lighting energy is wasted in unoccupied area. And up to 60% of your office energy bill is coming from lighting. If you think your office energy bill is too high, search no more. Lighting is one of the main reasons.

We developed En-trak Smart Lighting because we believe there is a better way to improve office lighting control. One that gives everyone in the office the power to play a part in saving energy.

There are other alternatives in lighting control, like occupancy sensors for instance. But it is far from being the ideal solution when you decide to implement them at the scale of an office.

In a nutshell, they can bring tons of practical difficulties, it’s hard to justify them financially speaking, and it constrains the occupants more than it helps.

Another option you might choose is zonal lighting control, but it’s simply not smart enough to generate energy savings.

En-trak Smart Lighting is, on the other hand, easy to use, affordable and wireless.

It provides a flexible scheduling tool to handle public holidays, alternating weeks, and other challenges which conventional zonal timers cannot achieve, giving you maximum control over your lighting.

Imagine you need to re-configure your office layout to suit business needs. En-trak Smart Lighting will allow you to alter your lighting configurations and zoning with a few simple clicks, regardless of the existing wiring layout. It’s as easy as that.

Which leads us to the second point. En-trak Smart Lighting is affordable because it works will all types of lighting: LED, T5, you name it.

There is absolutely no need to replace your existing lighting, which is perfect for both retrofits and new projects.

You can also forget about the usual wires that come with lighting control. There is no expensive and messy re-wiring required. Installation takes minutes.

In fact, we calculated it takes on average 6 minutes to install and you can control any lights independently, regardless of existing wiring and wall switches.