Brand new. Revolutionary.
Enterprise-grade Smart Lighting solution

En-trak Smart Lighting, a TUV-certified and patented technology*, enables intelligent office lighting control for optimized energy reduction and operational efficiency.

*En-trak Smart Lighting is protected by one or more patents, or patent pending applications in the United States, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia & Thailand.

Discover a better way with En-trak Smart Lighting

 En-trak Smart Lighting reduces lighting wastage
50% of lighting energy is wasted in unoccupied area

And up to 60% of your office energy bill is coming from lighting.*

*Data based on analyzing 150 companies using En-trak Energy

 En-trak Smart Lighting improves office lighting control
Office lighting is often controlled in large zones.

Consequently the whole office is lit up to accommodate a handful of staff - wasting energy unnecessarily.

 En-trak Smart Lighting for late workers
Working late at night or over the weekend?

With En-trak Smart Lighting, you can turn on only the lights you need – reducing energy cost and CO2 emissions.

 En-trak Smart Lighting has a smart and simple scheduling function

Smart & simple scheduling

En-trak Smart Lighting control systems provides a flexible scheduling tool to handle public holidays, alternating weeks, and other challenges which conventional zonal timers cannot achieve, giving you unprecedented control over your lightings.

 En-trak Smart Lighting enables you to re-zone lighting with a click

Re-zone with a click

As and when you need to re-configure your office layout to suit business needs, En-trak Smart Lighting allows you to alter your lighting configurations and zoning with a few simple clicks, regardless of the existing wiring layout.

 En-trak Smart Lighting works with any lighting types

Work with any lighting types

En-trak Smart Lighting works with any existing office and building lights. There is absolutely no need to replace your existing lightings. Perfect for both retrofits and new projects.

 En-trak Smart Lighting certified and code-compliant

Certified & code-compliant

En-trak Smart Lighting is designed to meet all relevant building codes across Asia-Pacific. Our hardware is certified by TUV for compliance of all relevant industry electrical and electromagnetic safety requirements.

 En-trak Smart Lighting built to scale

Built to scale

Your business will grow and your facility needs may change. With a scalable system like En-trak Smart Lighting, simply add new controllers to your existing system, or reuse it at your new location. Now you can experience peace of mind with your future-proof lighting control.

 En-trak Smart Lighting wireless simple installation

No re-wiring. Simple installation

With En-trak Smart Lighting control systems, there is no expensive and messy re-wiring required. Installation takes minutes and you can control any lights independently, regardless of existing wiring and wall switches.

Customer success with En-trak Smart Lighting

Is your office lighting optimized for efficiency?

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