Cloud-based, centralized energy management solution

En-trak Energy management software centralizes and manages your organization's energy data on the cloud to drive intelligent decision-making. Whether your goal is cost savings, smarter capital planning, or sustainability compliance, our energy monitoring solutions can help.

Change begins with knowledge

We all want to reduce our energy costs. But how do you start if you don’t know where your money is going? With En-trak Energy, you can know exactly where, when and how you are using energy within your facilities. Now you can pinpoint exact areas of wastage and make data-driven decision to improve energy efficiency.

En-trak Energy for Business seamless data access
Seamless data access on a single platform

En-trak Energy captures data from your existing meters/BMS or new sub-metering across your offices and buildings onto one centralized platform so you can manage your energy consumption anytime, anywhere.

En-trak Energy for Business data into intelligence
Turn data into actionable intelligence

Our proprietary data engine processes and visualizes your data for intuitive understanding, empowering you with the right information at the right time to drive energy saving strategies.

En-trak Energy for Business continuous performance
Improve your performance continuously

Sustainability is for the long run. En-trak Energy continuously monitors your energy consumption, supports your strategies and alerts you to stay on track.


En-trak Energy for business intuitive data visualization

Intuitive data visualization

Enjoy unprecedented 360-degree view of your energy performance in real-time with our intuitive interface. Understand your energy consumption patterns, drive insights and make strategic decisions across global portfolios.

En-trak Energy for Business advanced data analytics

Advanced data analytics

En-trak Energy intelligently dives into your data to categorize, normalize and benchmark your performance. Get a holistic view of your energy performance to drive improvements.

En-trak Energy for Business customizable reports

Customizable reports

All you ever need to know about your energy profile is available with one simple click. Comprehensive and easy-to-understand reports provide unparalleled actionable intelligence to optimize efficiency and improve productivity.

En-trak Energy for business real-time alerts

Real-time instantaneous alerts

Monitor your energy consumption with real-time alerts and goal tracking. Get notified immediately of any energy abnormalities and discrepancies and take control of your energy consumption. You can even display your real-time progress to raise community awareness.

En-trak Energy for Business data on the go

Energy data - on the go

With the En-trak Energy mobile app, you can view snapshots of your energy use and receive timely alerts anytime and anywhere. Available for both iOS and Android.


Since using En-trak Energy, we saved over 20% in energy consumption. And we believe we can do better. En-trak Energy empowers us with real-time data to make good business decisions.

Nelson Lai, Group Human Resource Director,
Shun Hing Group

Choosing the right energy management system is important, but how do you decide?

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Experience the benefits of data-driven sustainability through En-trak

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