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En-trak Energy for Business


En-trak Energy supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer 10.0 and higher.

What web browser do the En-trak Energy system support?


How can I create new account for my colleague?

New users may be invited to create accounts through the Accounts page. When you have input their email and selected their basic account settings/privileges, they will receive an email invitation to activate their account. This invitation expires after 7 days, after which you can re-invite them or delete the invitation.


Can I export energy data from En-trak Energy?

Yes, this can be done on the Explore page using the Export button in the top right corner. This will export any data you are currently viewing on the graph, so you can use the normal tools on the Explore page to select time range, time interval, comparison points, units, and usage types.

Alerts and Goals

How do I create Energy reports?

When you open the Report page, you will by default see a report for the previous month with all standard report sections toggled on. You may edit your report in several ways:

  1. Change the report time period, area focus, or units
  2. Toggle off specific sections
  3. Expand data points into further tiers of detail
  4. Add detailed graphical appendices to support specific data points