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Significantly improved data collection, accuracy, and insights with over 20% annual energy savings

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It’s the best option in the market. En-trak Energy is powerful, forward-looking, and meets all our energy optimizing and management requirements.




Nelson Lai, Group Human Resource Director,
Shun Hing Group


Shun Hing Group has always been an advocate for practices that can help conserve the environment. As a multi-industry conglomerate, Shun Hing Group is acutely focused on efficient logistics and minimizing company-wide facility expenses.


Being a multi-industry conglomerate, Shun Hing’s energy requirements varied differently from departments. Without clear data consolidation in regards to energy consumption, they faced challenges in verifying the outcome of their energy initiatives.

To reduce energy consumption, Shun Hing Group had been actively encouraging their staff to adhere to environmental friendly office practices, including tracking their energy consumption by spreadsheets, which had proved to be both inefficient and showed inaccurate reporting.


En-trak Energy was deployed, enabling Shun Hing to track their energy consumption in real time and great detail. They were able to view energy consumption patterns in all end-uses, which facilitated progress tracking for energy policy enforcement.


En-trak Energy allows Shun Hing to accurately pinpoint HVAC energy wastage, reducing their energy usage by over 25%. Overall, their overnight energy consumption has been reduced by more than 50% while daily lighting energy usage has dropped by 8%. Moreover, with energy data provided from En-trak Energy, Shun Hing was able to quantify savings from their LED retrofit installations, enabling faster uptake of new technologies across their entire group.

Being able to run their sustainability initiatives in smaller control groups and the availability of data in their hands, helps Shun Hing explore other sustainability options and to work out the scalability of such initiatives confidently.

About Shun Hing Group

Founded in 1953, Shun Hing is a multi-faceted Hong Kong-based company with over 1,800 employees. Shun Hing Group comprises many subsidiaries across a broad spectrum of businesses. In addition to serving as sole agent for brands of international heritage in home appliances, audio-visual, health and beauty care, kitchen and household products, telecommunications systems, business equipment, office furniture and cold chain products, Shun Hing Group is also involved in engineering, contracting and electrical appliances servicing, logistics, advertising production, system installation and maintenance, as well as property investments and management in China.