Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua High School wins Singapore National Energy Efficiency Award and enriches students environmental learning with En-trak


As a vibrant Special Assistance Plan (SAP) school located in the West of Singapore, Nan Hua High School has always taken pride in nurturing well-rounded students who are confident, creative and cultured, with passion in learning. They are also a strong advocate of sustainable environment education and a greener campus.


As part of the school’s endeavor to empower students and staff in green living and energy saving, the school has initiated the Energy Conservation Task Force to review monthly utility bills in hope of optimizing their energy consumption and influencing staff and students in energy conservation. However, they believe there are more efficient approaches to drive school-wide energy efficiency.


In May 2013, the school deployed En-trak Energy in 4 classrooms to track the air-conditioning, lights and sockets energy usage in individual rooms, enhancing the productivity in data collection and evaluation. By integrating the system into the integrated science curriculum, the school engages students to review electricity usage and effectively formulate energy saving strategies to save energy.


Since En-trak Energy was deployed, a student green group has been formed and actively uses the system to identify real-time energy abnormalities and ensured that all air-conditioning is turned off during recess time. With the energy data presented clearly and concisely, the overall awareness of energy conservation in the school community has been raised notably. In 2015, Nan Hua High School was shortlisted for the Energy Efficiency National Partnership Award.

About Nan Hua High School

Nan Hua High School is a secondary school in Clementi, Singapore, offering a four-year Express course leading to the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level national examination. The school is operated by the Ministry of Education, and is located in the West Zone school district. Founded in 1917, Nan Hua High School is the tenth SAP School in Singapore, in which both English and Mandarin Chinese are taught as first languages. It is also a co-educational school with Autonomous Status and West Zone Centre of Excellence for Chinese Language and Culture.