What is Tenant Experience? And how it works?

What is Tenant Experience?

Tenant experience is exactly what it sounds like – the experience of working in a building where you are a tenant.

What is it like to arrive at the office? If driving, do tenants need to walk far from the parking area? Do they need to spend time digging in their pocket for cash or a card to get in the parking garage?

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What about the environment where they do their work – is it comfortable, does it allow them to focus? Is the air quality keeping them healthy? The answers to these and many other questions determine the overall “tenant experience” in a commercial office building.

Why Tenant Experience Matters

The quality of that experience often determines whether a tenant moves in, stays, or leaves. Since those decisions have a major impact on the operating income of a building, it’s worthwhile for landlords to spend some time thinking about tenant experience.

Unfortunately, many landlords don’t consider the daily experience of tenants beyond the initial building design stage. The physical, social and digital world is changing around them (and their tenants!), but they provide the same amenities and services as they did 15 years ago, expecting the same results.

A common example is air conditioning. We’ve all seen it – a colleague in the office wearing a jacket for warmth in the summertime, or using desktop fans to keep cool. It’s HARD to get office temperatures just right, especially with large open spaces. As a result, occupants are uncomfortable and this affects their productivity.

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But with new developments in technology, these problems can be solved. Landlords can connect tenants with their buildings in a way that makes their working lives more comfortable, convenient and productive. That’s where En-trak’s Tenant Experience Platform comes in!

What is En-trak Tenant Experience Platform?

En-trak Tenant Experience Platform (TEP) is a customer-facing application for landlords of commercial buildings to enable occupants to control & personalize their workplace temperature & lighting using their smartphone. This not only enhances the brand and value of the building, it also helps to reduce energy costs and resolve daily operational issues. Ultimately, a good tenant experience can attract and retain quality tenants.

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TEP works because it connects employees to their buildings through the same interface they use to order food, taxis, clothes and more – their smart phone. By giving occupants convenient control over their office environment, you increase their comfort and satisfaction. Tenants are happy and more productive; while the whole building can be smarter and greener. A win-win business case!

How it works?

Our Smart Building Gateway connects your terminal air con units (usually VAV boxes) securely to the cloud via your existing Building Management System (BMS). In some cases Smart Thermostats may be used instead, by simply replacing the existing thermostats (usually for fan coil units).

Each occupant is then assigned by their administrator to the air con unit nearest their workstation, enabling them to make personal requests for cooler or warmer temperatures using their mobile phone or computer. They can also control the climate in other areas like meeting rooms and pantries.

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TEP then aggregates all of this data – readings from the BMS/thermostats, occupant requests and outdoor temperatures, and leverages machine learning to learn patterns and optimize temperatures in each zone of the building. Instead of relying on static set temperatures, TEP dynamically adjusts throughout the day, providing bursts of cool air when someone enters the office or makes a request for cooler temperatures, then returning to a more comfortable temperature afterwards.

TEP can also help customers reduce HVAC energy costs by slightly raising default temperature settings in underutilized spaces and matching air con operations with actual occupancy patterns instead of just technical operating hours. In some offices aircon energy savings can reach as high as 25%!

Marketplace of integrations

En-trak Tenant Experience is built with an open API. This allows landlords or tenants to integrate air con & lighting operations with other 3rd party applications such as access control, room booking systems, or lighting control systems.

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These integrations enable an even more convenient experience for tenants. Tap your staff card to enter the lift lobby and the lights and air con are automatically turned on above your desk at your preferred settings. Enter a meeting room to find it is already lit up and pre-cooled for you, without having to lift a finger.


Tenants will inevitably compare your building with others. When they do, you want them to see your building as the very best when it comes to occupant experience. This helps both to retain existing tenants and to attract new ones. By improving the convenience and comfort of tenants’ daily working lives, you can reduce lost revenue from tenant turnover and increase the profitability of your building.

The focus on “Tenant Experience” is fast becoming a global trend, enabling landlords to attract and retain quality tenants, improve efficiency and increase NOI (Net Operating Income). The property industry that was once focused on physical asset management has shifted to one centered on occupant experience, comfort and sustainability. Get in touch today to learn how En-trak’s Tenant Experience Platform can benefit your buildings and your tenants.

About En-trak

En-trak is an award-winning proptech company backed by Alibaba and CLP. We help CRE landlords create a comfortable, productive and sustainable work environment.

Our core solution is the En-trak Tenant Experience Platform - a customer-facing application for CRE landlords to enable building occupants to control & personalize their workplace temperature & lighting using their smartphone.

Founded in 2013, En-trak solutions are used and trusted by over 350 world-class customers in Asia including Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Convention Centre, Sino Group, City Developments Limited and many others.