How Smart Lighting Meets Building Energy Code (BEC) Requirements

How Smart Lighting Meets Building Energy Code (BEC) Requirements

The existing Hong Kong Building Energy Code (BEC) has been in place since 2015, which means we’ve all faced challenges associated with these requirements. In particular, it can be a challenge to balance the requirements with customers’ budget limitations and preferences.

Often the code is technically met, but the customer/occupant is not able to derive any benefit from the extra equipment. This happens frequently with office lighting control systems.

Despite clear provisions in the code for “automatic lighting control”, these systems are usually poorly thought out. They cause frustration for users and sometimes result in the deactivation or dismantling of the system.

bec requirement vs smart lighting.PNG

There are proven ways to meet the code while still keeping the occupants happy and reducing energy use. Adopting these customer-approved systems ensures that your customers will be happy and you won’t be left paying for expensive support and maintenance costs.

Smart Lighting is such a system. Not only does this IoT lighting solution deliver great energy savings (25-50% in most cases), it also receives consistently high satisfaction ratings from office occupants. By providing control of each individual fixture, it allows each occupant to control their own lights – no more one size fits all.

More importantly, Smart Lighting is quick to install, easy to commission, and even easier to configure.

Installation takes 6 minutes per fixture and requires no rewiring. You can even install the controllers inside the fixtures before they go in the ceiling.

Commissioning is done with a dedicated mobile app that guides you through every step. No more confusing buttons and “device-pairing” – just scan a QR code and move on.

Configuration (shown below), from zoning to schedules, is so easy that it goes straight into the hands of the customer. This saves you time wasted on endless meetings, miscommunications, and adjustments trying to get the settings just right for the customer – they can manage everything themselves, from any computer.

Smart Lighting Configuration

Providing extra value to the customer while reducing costs is a perfect recipe for good business. So why aren’t you doing it yet? Find out more about Smart Lighting by clicking here.

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