Guide To The Singapore BCA Green Mark For Office Interiors

Guide To The Singapore BCA Green Mark For Office Interiors

Singapore is all-in with sustainability. 

The city recently launched the first ever sustainability academy. The academy will serve as a sustainability learning and collaboration hub.

But that's not the first coup of the Lion City when it comes to promoting green efforts.

Back in 2005, the government launched the Green Mark Scheme to advocate sustainability in the built environment.

And in 2009, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) started the Green Mark for Office Interiors.

The goal? Promote the use of environmentally friendly features and sustainable practices for office tenants. 

Companies can apply for the Green Mark scheme and go through a specific assessment.

We will explain below how En-trak can help you gain points for the assessment

Let's get into it. 

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What is the BCA Green Mark for Office Interiors

You can find all the information you need on assessments, key persons to contact on the BCA website. Here, we will just focus on the essential: 

  • what are the evaluation criteria and pre-requisites
  • what are the benefits of Green Mark Office

Evaluation criteria and pre-requisites

There are different areas to focus on for getting the Green Mark for Office Interiors. Energy efficiency, of course, is one. Water efficiency is part of the scheme too, as well as sustainable management and operation. 

Last but not least, the BCA looks at the indoor environmental quality and the other green features. 

In order to be eligible, the office's temperature setting should not be lower than 24 degrees Celsius (or 75 degrees Fahrenheit). IAQ (Indoor environment Air Quality) is a must too. 

If you want to go through the process and obtain the different ratings - platinum, gold plus, gold, and certified - you will have to ensure the comfort of office occupants, by monitoring a good indoor air quality, conduct audits once every three years at least, if not more. 

 En-trak and Singapore Green Mark for office interior

The benefits

There are many benefits to be certified Green Mark Office. 

1. It saves you money in utilities bills

When you start measuring your energy efficiency, you'll soon realize that you might be wasting money. For instance, a global oil and gas company with offices in Singapore started to automate data collection and managed to cut facility energy use by 18% in 2 months. 

One quick hack you can implement is ensuring your employees are turning off the computers at night is a good starting point.  

2. It creates an environment that is both functional and comfortable

There are a couple of positive side-effects in having a greener office. Better air quality, means more comfort and employees at ease. 

Employees are more demanding now. They want remote work, and they want to enjoy the time they spend at work. Forget about blank walls and cubicles. A greener office means a more functional and comfortable working life for your employees. 

Look at Apple new campus, or Google's top offices around the world

3. It dramatically improves worker's productivity

You can't claim to have a green office simply with the Green Mark scheme.

You need people to change. To do so, you must involve your whole team. Let them be aware of the initiatives you are taking, and what they need to do too on their hand.

Going for the Green Mark, and be open about it creates a culture in the office that drives your whole company forward.

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En-trak and the Green Mark for Office Interior

A combination of En-trak two enterprise solutions provides 7 points for Green Mark Office Interior assessments.

That is 14% of the points required for basic certification and 9% of the points required for Gold certification.

Electricity usage with En-trak Energy for Business

  • Provision of sub-meter to monitor electricity use of each floor: 1 point
  • Monitoring of electricity consumption: 1 point

Lighting controls with En-trak Smart Lighting

  • Zoning of lighting for different usage/ locations: 1 point
  • Scheduling control to switch on and/or off the lighting with some localized override control where lighting is needed beyond the scheduled period: 1 point
  • Minimize use of general lighting level by using task lighting: 1 point

Lighting Quality with En-trak Smart Lighting

  • Controllability of lighting system (at least 90% of occupants able to adjust lighting control to suit their task needs and preference): 2 points

About En-trak

En-trak is an award-winning cleantech IoT company. We design and sell cloud-based solutions to help enterprises manage and optimize their energy consumption. Our flagship solution En-trak™ Energy enables users to know where, when and how they are using energy in real-time.

With continuous monitoring and advanced analytics, we’ve helped over 250+ world-class clients including Hong Kong Stock Exchange, National Environmental Agency, and Fuji Xerox achieve their sustainability goals. We’ve also recently launched our brand-new, patented En-trak™ Smart Lighting solution designed to help companies and building owners to automate and optimize their office lights.