How En-trak Can Get You BEAM Plus Interiors Certified

How En-trak Can Get You BEAM Plus Interiors Certified

It's now more about quality than quantity for property owners and developers in Hong Kong.

And tools like BEAM Plus provide guidance for building owners and developers to plan, build and market a green building. 

BEAM Plus operates on a points system - where the criteria is achieved, points are awarded. The higher the number of points scored, the more prestigious the award. The greenest buildings are awarded Gold or Platinum certifications.

But BEAM Plus is not just about developers and construction projects. A separate category, BEAM Plus Interiors, applies to office and retail space. These tenanted areas are usually responsible for more than half of the energy use in a building. 

Choosing the right partners for an office renovation can go a long way towards getting BEAM Plus Interiors certification in a cost-effective and pain-free manner.

Below, we'll show you how En-trak can help you get 8 points for BEAM Plus Interiors assessments.

That is 80% of the EU (Energy Use) points required for Bronze certification and 45% of the EU points required for Platinum certification.

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BEAM Plus Interior: why does it matter

There are many benefits of applying to BEAM Plus Interiors. The positive side effects of being BEAM Plus Interiors certified are: 

  • enhance occupant's health, well-being and productivity

  • lower operational costs by improving energy and water efficiency

  • increase the marketability of rental spaces

  • raise the profile of a company’s commitment to environmental issues

Focus on the occupant

Open-space, right lighting, meeting rooms optimized. A greener office means a more functional and comfortable working life for your employees who are more demanding. 

Think about the millennials, or "post-80s" generation. They want a cool office and they want to belong in a company with values, which cares about the environment. When you plan to attract the right talent, you need to think about the life within the office environment. And this is dictated by how serious you are about sustainability. 

More energy savings

Lights represent roughly 60% of the energy consumption, and 50% of it is wasted in unoccupied areas. When you implement a system like En-trak Smart Lighting, you can reduce your operational costs, leaving you free to spend that money elsewhere.

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En-trak and BEAM Plus Interiors

BEAM Plus rating tool is sub divided into six categories and using En-trak is a partner of choice when you want to get points for the Energy Use category.

A combination of En-trak Energy and En-trak Smart Lighting will guarantee you 80% of the Energy Use points required for the Bronze certification, and 45% for the Platinum one.

Here's how:


EU 1 – Energy Performance – Prescriptive-based Approach with En-trak Smart Lighting

Lighting System:

  1. Appropriate zoning and manual control distribution - 1 credit

  2. Daylight dimming controls - 1 credit

  3. Task light for every workstation - 1 credit

  4. Master switch at the staff entrance of the premises so that the person can switch off all the lighting systems when leaving the premises - 1 credit

  5. Compliance with voluntary lighting code to switch off retail signboards and non-essential lighting after operating hours, or no later than 23:00 hours - 1 credit

EU 5 – Metering and monitoring with En-trak Energy

  1. Monitoring system and appliance electricity consumption - 3 credits

That's a total of 8 credits easily obtained with En-trak. 

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About En-trak

En-trak is an award-winning proptech IoT company. We design and sell cloud-based solutions to help enterprises manage and optimize their energy consumption. Our flagship solution En-trak™ Energy enables users to know where, when and how they are using energy in real-time.

With continuous monitoring and advanced analytics, we’ve helped over 350+ world-class clients including Hong Kong Stock Exchange, National Environmental Agency, and Fuji Xerox achieve their sustainability goals. We’ve also recently launched our brand-new, patented En-trak™ Smart Lighting solution designed to help companies and building owners to automate and optimize their office lights.