Problem: Smart Lighting Gateway is offline

Use the steps presented in this document to troubleshoot situations in which your Smart Lighting Gateway cannot connect to our cloud servers.

1. Is the Gateway powered on?
Group 4.png

Check the indicator light on top of the Gateway – if it is notblinking then the device may be powered off.


Check that the power cable is properly connected to both the Gateway and the socket. If necessary, also check that the socket itself has power. 


If the Gateway already has power, or you restore power and the Gateway does not come back online within 5 minutes, proceed to the next step.

2. Is the Gateway plugged into a network port?

Check that the network cable is properly connected to both the Gateway WAN port (not LAN) and a network port. If it is not properly connected, power cycle the Gateway (turn off then back on) after you have fixed the network cable connection.


If the Gateway is already properly connected to a network port, or you restore the connection and the Gateway does not come back online within 5 minutes, proceed to the next step. We recommend obtaining IT staff support for the remainder of the troubleshooting process. 

3. Is the network port active?

Run a quick test to see whether the network port the Gateway is connected to is generally active – the quickest way to do this without IT administrative tools is to connect a laptop or other computer to the LAN port of the Gateway and see if you can get online in a standard browser.


Note that if a static IP has been assigned to the Gateway, then you will need to change your laptop IP address to match if you want to connect. 

If the network port is active, there may be another issue with either the network settings or the Gateway settings. Provide the information below to a member of your IT staff so they can conduct more detailed system checks.

• The Gateway can be accessed via direct Ethernet connection to a PC or laptop using the default IP address of
• The Gateway is set to use DHCP by default, but can receive a static IP if necessary.
• The Gateway communicates via outgoing port 9000-9005, so this port must be generally open or specifically open to the static IP assigned to each Gateway.

If the network port is not active, contact a member of your IT staff to resolve the issue or find a new network port to connect to. 

4. Contact your Smart Lighting distributor for support

If you cannot resolve the issue even with IT support, please contact your Smart Lighting distributor. Remember to inform them of the troubleshooting steps you have already followed according to this document.

Distributor contact information varies by customer – if you cannot determine who your distributor is, you may contact us directly at and we will put you in touch with the relevant person.