Who can control the settings for our system?

The admin user(s) can change the settings at any time, if schedules or seating plans change. Master admin users can change settings for all floors, while floor admin users can only change settings for designated floor(s).

Who has the right to control all lights?  

Only the admin users can control all lights – all other users can only control the lights above their own workstation and functional rooms (e.g. meeting rooms). Master admin users can control all lights on all floors, while floor admin users can only control all lights on their designated floor(s).

How many system admin accounts can we have for our company?

There is no limit – although to better control accountability we recommend no more than one or two admin accounts per office floor.

The admin user will assign each staff member to one or more lights above their workstation – that grouping of lights will be labeled as that staff member’s workstation. When a staff member controls “their” lights, they will be controlling the workstation that has been assigned to them. They will also be able to control functional room lights outside of working hours, and common area (e.g. corridor) lights will turn on/off depending on whether anyone is still in the office.

If a staff member has not been assigned any lights via a workstation (e.g. hot desking staff), they will be able to turn on lights for empty workstations (e.g. hot desks). When they turn on the lights for an empty workstation, no other non-admin staff member can turn off those lights until their session expires. 

How does the system know who can control which light(s)?

The lights will turn on when at least one person needs them (i.e. their scheduled time starts or they manually turn on their lights using the app) and will only turn off when neither person needs them (i.e. both of their scheduled times have ended or they have both manually turned off their lights using the app).

If two people share a lighting fixture, what instructions will it follow?

Smart Lighting can also be controlled via any web browser, so they can control their lights using their work computer. Simply log in at https://sl.en-trak.com/

We also recommend providing at least one tablet or screen for general access. This can be useful for cleaners, visitors, etc.

Some of my staff do not have smartphones – how can they use Smart Lighting?

Use the “Add Staff” function on the “Staff” page of your admin portal to create a temporary account for them. You can then create a new workstation for them or assign them to an existing (empty) workstation. If you do not assign them to a workstation, they will still be able to control functional rooms for general office use. 

We have guests / visitors / staff from other countries in our office from time to time.  How can I satisfy the lighting needs of these people?

If my phone is stolen or lost, can you disable the control from my phone from the system?

You can disable any account at any time by logging into the system on any web browser and then deleting that account from the staff list. This will disable access via your mobile phone or any other device.