Product FAQs

En-trak Energy for business

1. How is En-trak Energy different from building management systems (BMS)?

BMS are designed by engineers for engineers to focus on maintaining the operation of building equipment such as lifts and pumps. Our intuitive energy system, on the other hand, is designed for C-level, facility manager and administrators for energy optimization, staff engagement and brand awareness.

2. Is En-trak Energy the same as an energy / carbon audit?

No - En-trak Energy is a continuous, real-time view of your energy use, with powerful features such as reports, trends, alerts and benchmarking to help you optimize energy spending. Energy audits, on the other hand, give you only a one-off detailed snapshot of key areas of consumption.

3. How much saving can we expect from using En-trak Energy?

The savings depend on your existing situation and the actions you take after you know what, when and how you are spending your energy dollars. Our clients typically identify between 10-35% of savings within 12-24 months. You can learn more about how others have benefited from using En-trak Energy on our Customers page.

4. Where will the hardware be installed?

The metering equipment is typically installed inside your switch room or electrical panel. Our project manager will advise you about the optimal set-up during the site check.

5. Will the installation interfere with our daily activities?

Installation is non-invasive. It will not affect your normal business activities. A typical installation for a single office floor takes between 2 to 5 hours. If necessary, we can also arrange for after-office and/or weekend installation.

6. Can we integrate En-trak Energy with our existing energy meters?

Yes, En-trak Energy is hardware-agnostic and can easily integrate data from most major BMS and energy meters in the market.

7. Do we need to install any software on our computers?

No. En-trak Energy is a cloud-based solution. There is no software to install and/or maintain.

8. How secure is our energy data?

Your data is securely hosted and protected by Tier IV Amazon Web Services with industry leading security protocol. Individual access is protected by a secured password. We also utilize Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Block Storage (EBS), and other industry-leading standards to protect your data.

9. How far can we scale up with En-trak Energy?

En-trak Energy is internationally scalable, equipped with market-leading support and references across Asia-Pacific. You can easily expand the system to multiple locations to suit your business needs.

10. Do we need to pay for individual user licenses and system upgrades?

No. As long as you are subscribed to our service, you can invite any number of users without additional licenses and all software updates and upgrades are free of charge.

11. Can we customize the interface to match our needs and/ or brand identity?

Yes, customizations such as dashboard theme design and data units are available upon request.

12. Is there any warranty for the system?

All of our supplied hardware is protected by our comprehensive two-year warranty.

En-trak Energy for school

1. How does En-trak Energy help engage our students?

Students can learn how their action impacts our environment through the system, and identify areas and ways to save energy by exploring the student-friendly energy data. This data is also used in mathematics and science lessons, or advanced topics such as data handling. Learn how other schools benefited from using En-trak Energy on our Customers page.

2. What can En-trak measure?

Schools typically measure their air conditioning, lightings, plug loads, and fans. Some schools choose to measure energy consumption classroom by classroom, but this requires more meters and installation. Our consultant can help propose the best solution for your school to meet your objectives and budget.

3. Can we access the system via our school intranet?

Yes, you can. Your school IT coordinator can easily embed our provided system code into your intranet.

4. Can students and teachers access the system from home?

Yes. Students and teachers can access the cloud-based platform anytime, anywhere, from any web-enabled device. This increases flexibility in teaching and learning.

5. Do you have different access rights for students and teachers?

Yes. Students and teachers are given different access rights. Students can view and download data but cannot change the settings such as alerts created by administrators.

6. Can we display En-trak Energy at our lobby together with our school information?

Yes. We have a beautifully designed dashboard that is perfect for public display at your lobby TV to showcase your school’s efforts. We can also provide an API for feeding live data to your school’s homepage.

7. What is the idea behind food and transportation units?

Energy exists in many forms. Electricity (kWh) is one; food (calories) is another. We pioneered the concept of translating electricity into food and other units to engage students and teachers to better visualize and understand energy.

8. What browsers does En-trak Energy support?

En-trak Energy works with all standard browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 10+.

9. How does the energy data get to the internet?

There are two options for network connection. Direct LAN is the most common and stable connection method. Many schools choose to have a dedicated LAN cable for this purpose. Alternatively, you can choose to use 3G/4G data card. As there may be additional on-going cost, we recommend this only for special situations.

En-trak Smart Lighting

1. What is En-trak Smart Lighting?

En-trak Smart Lighting is a patented enterprise-grade lighting control solution that allows users to set custom schedules and wirelessly control specific lights in the office/ building to minimize energy wastage.

2. How does En-trak Smart Lighting work?

Using Zigbee, the industry standard for large-scale wireless communication, users send their command via mobile app / desktop application to the Gateway. This command to turn ON/OFF is then sent wireless to the Zigbee controller connected to each lighting fixture.

3. Will the controllers increase my energy use?

No, they won’t. En-trak Smart Lighting controllers operate with extremely low power consumption of about 0.02mA, which equates to just $0.052 per year.

4. Will the Zigbee network interfere with my office’s network?

No, it won’t. The ZigBee wireless network operates independently from networks such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth by automatically avoiding the same channels.

5. How secure is En-trak Smart Lighting?

En-trak Smart Lighting adopts the proven ZigBee security architecture which includes AES-128 data encryption, authentication and integrity which has been classified by the US National Security Agency (NSA) as appropriate for protection of secret information.

6. What happens when the office network is down?

If your office network is down, En-trak Smart Lighting will maintain the last recorded status for each light, whether on or off. If anyone tries to use the app to turn on/off the lights during this time, they will be redirected to the wall switches. Once the network reconnects, the Gateway will update all statuses automatically and you can resume manual control as necessary.

7. What happens if a controller is faulty and/ or disconnected?

Should this unlikely event happen, the controller(s) will maintain the last recorded status for each light, whether on or off. Although the controller should automatically reconnect within a few seconds, you can always reset the controller by turning off and on the original wall switch.

8. Is there any warranty for the system?

All our supplied hardware is protected by our comprehensive two-year warranty.

9. Do we need to pay for individual user licenses?

No. Once you are subscribed to the system, you can invite any number of users without additional licenses.

10. How does the system know who can control which lights?

During the setup process, the administrator will assign individual staff to their corresponding lights based on their seating location. Individual staff can then control their assigned lights based on these settings.